Summer 2015

I always think I'm ready for summer, right up until summer actually sets in and my kids are home, and all the neighborhood kids are in my back yard. Now, I like both of those things. I like them a lot, but both are very detrimental to getting anything done. I find myself drawn outside to enjoy the sunshine and a run through the sprinkler.

I should say that summer is my research time...yes, indeed. I have many more cultural experiences in the summer--the latest a delightful time watching hula dancers (hellloooooo story idea). I also read in the summer, usually nonfiction followed by trashy gossip magazines. It's a good mix.

But I can't just duff around all summer. Oh no. I'll be running around for book signings, ordering swanky swag, making gift packs for readers, and even, yes, writing!

On Deck for Summer 2015 Releases:

Blue Book of Grown Up Fairy Tales: May 2015 (Available now!)

Psychic Seductions Anthology: July 20th

Poppy's Place Short: Augustish

And, of course, I can't write off the idea of writing a few more things. I have werewolves on my mind (Creating Home Series needs some love). I also want to write about my hula dancer. And there's this Scottish pastor who is >< close to falling in love. I've also had a softball playing truck driver tweaking the edges of my brain...she's so cool, and definitely deserves a story.

Is it winter yet? Because I can write more when it's too cold to play outside.

Enjoy your summer sunshine!

All the Best,

Stephanie Beck



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Christmas in July

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Pour Some Cocoa on Me

Heading home to Tennessee for Kimmy means dinner with her parents, laughing with her sisters, and the traditional silly family photo. This year she also has a bag full of surprises for her family—including Andrew and Joe, the two sexy Navy men she has married. Kimmy takes her men around her old stomping grounds, adding a little naughty cheer to her favorite places. Connecting with the past while planning for the future brings the three closer, but they’ll be asking for a Christmas miracle to get Kimmy’s family to go along with their version of family.

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